What is the Chemical Composition of Foods?

When you think of food and what it represents as far as nutrition is concerned, what do you come up with? It’s probably something simplistic like vitamins, minerals, or food grouping like carbs, protein, fats, etc. isn’t it?

Well the reality is a lot different than what you think about and it will be helpful to understand the complexity of the way nature works. 

In perusing the “net,” I came across this little tidbit which peaked my interest and gave rise to a new way to look at foods other than the accepted way that most people take for granted. 

“The next time you’re peeling a fresh, organic, “all-natural” banana just remember: it’s filled with tons of chemicals! But don’t worry, so is everything else.

James Kennedy, a chemistry teacher living in Australia, has created some fun images that show just what chemicals are lurking inside your favorite foods — even the “organic,” unprocessed ones.

As Kennedy explains, there’s a lot of panic right now about the chemicals we’re consuming. And the hype around words like “natural” — a word whose definition isn’t regulated by the FDA — is mostly just marketing.  [READ MORE….]


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