Stop War

Stop this from happening

Volunteer to help us establish a nonprofit here in Sarasota, FL to carry this message to our community and eventually the rest of the country. We’ll try to set an example for others that we can make a difference and overcome the present apathy toward this war.

Now is not the time to remain neutral and on the sidelines. A bomb exploding over your head or fallout raining down on us doesn’t discriminate on whether or not you are in or out of favor with the war or even worse are apathetic and feel you should remain neutral and on the sidelines. We all die if the bombs or fallout comes for a visit.

We need to make a stand to let our politicians know how we feel. Take a stand today and join us. Don’t be ambivalent about waiting for someone else to carry the load to do this job. You are an important part of becoming part of the solution and not be part of the problem.

Here is what kind of experienced officers we need for the nonprofit:

Board members;

Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Foundation Programs Expert, Social Connections Expert, Fundraising Expert, Marketing Expert

Send a message to to let me know how you want to help.