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    The North Shaolin Monastery – History, Culture and Reincarnation

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    • PDF eBook: 186 pages
    • Author: Shi Long
    • Published by Gregory Brundage, 2013

    This book contains material never-before-revealed and is a fascinating read.

    The story is long and relatively complex. There are many sources of the history of the North Shàolín that sometimes contradict, merge, and later contradict again. So much of the history was lost when the parent Shàolín Temple on Song Mountain was burned in 1928 during the Era of the Warlords, and then again when the North Shàolín Monastery (and everything else on Panshan) was burned by the Japanese in 1942. So much was lost, yet what is astonishing is that so much survived.

    In this book, I try to look at each aspect of the creation, growth, abandonment, destruction, and rebirth of the North Shàolín Temple from different perspectives to give the reader a broad
    viewpoint of the converging histories involved. In this book, I also examine some of the constituent arts and sciences that were and are woven through the ethos of the Shàolín, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tea Ceremony, and even evolutionary trends resulting in the need for martial arts in history and today.

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