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Presenting a Compendium of Chinese Cultural History

These volumes on the Chinese cultural history presents the fullest chronological account of the period. In them, political, institutional, social, and economic changes are integrated as far as possible. This sees the period against a broad background of international relations in Northern and Central Asia.

It starts from the Origins of Civilization to 221 BC and with chapters on the prehistoric background. Following is the growth of language, and relations with the peoples of Central Asia. As a result, this provides the major context of China’s achievements in the 1,500 years under review. and continuing on to the present day.


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    eBook: Chinese Cultural History

    The Cambridge History of Ancient China, Vol. 1

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    • PDF eBook: 1121 pages
    • Authors: Denis Twitchett, and Michael Loewe
    • Published: 1999

    This China’s cultural history volume begins the coverage of The Cambridge History of China with the establishment of the Ch’in empire in 221 BC and ends with the abdication of the last Han emperor in AD 220. Spanning four centuries, this period witnessed major evolutionary changes in almost every aspect of China’s development, being particularly notable for the emergence and growth of a centralized administration and imperial government. Leading historians from Asia, Europe, and America have contributed chapters that convey a realistic impression of significant political, economic, intellectual, religious, and social developments, and of the contacts that the Chinese made with other peoples at this time. As the book is intended for the general reader as well as the specialist, technical details are given in both Chinese terms and English equivalents. References lead to primary sources and their translations and to secondary writings in European languages as well as Chinese and Japanese.


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    eBook: Chinese Cultural History

    The Cambridge History of China, Volume 3: Sui and Tang China, 589-906 AD, Part 1

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    • PDF eBook: 809 pages
    • General editors: DENIS TWITCHETT and JOHN K. FAIRBANK
    • Published: 2008

    The Cambridge History of China is one of the most far-reaching works of international scholarship ever undertaken, exploring the main developments in political, social, economic and intellectual life from the Ch’in empire to the present day.

    The contributors are specialists from the international community of sinological scholars. Many of the accounts break new ground; all are based on fresh research. The works are written not only with students and scholars but also with the general reader in mind. No knowledge of Chinese is assumed, though for readers of Chinese, proper and other names are identified with their characters in the index.

    Numerous maps and tables illustrate the text. Volume 3, covers the second great period of unified imperial power, 589–906, when China established herself as the centre of a wider cultural sphere, embracing Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

    It was an era in which there was a great deal of rapid social and economic change, and in which literature and the arts reached new heights of attainment.

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    • PDF  eBook: 1127 pages
    • General Editors Denis Twitchett and John K. Fairbank
    • Published: Cambridge University Press 2009

    This first of two volumes on the Sung Dynasty (960–1279) and its Five Dynasties and Southern Kingdoms precursors presents the political history of China from the fall of the T’ang Dynasty in 907 to the Mongol conquest of the Southern Sung in 1279. Its twelve chapters survey the personalities and events that marked the rise, consolidation, and demise of the Sung polity during an era of profound social, economic, and intellectual ferment.

    The authors place particular emphasis on the emergence of a politically conscious literati class during the Sung, characterized by the increasing importance of the examination system early in the dynasty and on the rise of the tao-hsueh (Neo-Confucian) movement toward the end. In addition, they highlight the destabilizing influence of factionalism and ministerial despotism on Sung political culture and the impact of the powerful steppe empires of the Khitan Liao, Tangut Hsi Hsia, Jurchen Chin, and Mongol Yüan on the shape and tempo of Sung dynastic events.

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    • PDF eBook: 976 pages
    • Published: 2015

    From the books Introduction:

    This volume, together with its recently published companion volume (Volume 5, Part 1), presents fruits of a half-century of Western scholarship on the history of Sung China (960–1279). “Western” is of course a relative term, for the presence of Chinese and Japanese authors reflects the global character of the Sung history field. It is nevertheless appropriate as a descriptor of the scholarly activity focused on the Sung among European and Anglo-phonic scholars that has flourished since the 1950s.

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    eBook: Chinese Cultural History

    The Cambridge History of China: Volume 2, The Six Dynasties, 220–589

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    • PDF eBook: 921 pages
    • Edited by: ALBERT E. DIEN, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University and
    • KEITH N. KNAPP, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
    • Published: 2019

    The Six Dynasties Period (220-589 CE) is one of the most complex in Chinese history. Written by leading scholars from across the globe, the essays in this volume cover nearly every aspect of the period, including politics, foreign relations, warfare, agriculture, gender, art, philosophy, material culture, local society, and music.

    While acknowledging the era’s political chaos, these essays indicate that this was a transformative period when Chinese culture was significantly changed and enriched by foreign peoples and ideas. It was also a time when history and literature became recognized as independent subjects and religion was transformed by the domestication of Buddhism and the formation of organized Daoism.

    Many of the trends that shaped the rest of imperial China’s history have their origins in this era, such as the commercial vibrancy of southern China, the separation of history and literature from classical studies, and the growing importance of women in politics and religion.

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  • genghis kahn and the mongols
    eBook: Chinese Cultural History

    The Mongol Empire: Genghis Khan

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    1. PDF eBook: 485 pages
    2. Author: John Man
    3. Published: 2016

    Genghis Khan and the Mongols, his heirs, and the founding of modern China

    Genghis Khan and the Mongols Empire changed the course of history and transformed the map of the world. Driven by an inspiring vision for peaceful world rule, Genghis Khan – mass-murdering barbarian to his victims, genius and demi-god to his people – united warring clans and forged an empire that spanned Asia, bringing people, cultures and religions together and opening intercontinental trade.

    Under his grandson, Kublai Khan, the vision evolved into a more complex ideology, justifying further expansion. Fueled by the belief that Heaven had given the whole world to the Mongols, Kublai doubled the empire’s size until, in the late thirteenth century, he and his family controlled one-sixth of the world’s land area. Along the way, he conquered China, made Beijing his capital and gave the nation the borders it has today, establishing the roots of the twenty-first century superpower.


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