China Travelogue


This page is called a Travelogue because it shows places you can go, or might want to go. Moreover, it is to show you some of the wonders of China which you may not know about. So that you will get a more realistic picture of what awaits you there, on our related pages, we have opted to use not just static still pictures but mainly live videos created by professionals.

Understanding a bit of the history and modern development behind these places of one of the oldest civilizations in the world may well give you more of an incentive to seek finding out more about it. It’s a majestic place you can’t just ignore.

If you want to find out more about where Chinese Healing comes from, you should see the cities where it originated and is still practiced. Not only that, it will be edifying for you to “see’ some of the sights, culture, cuisine, training facilities, etc. available there.

The combination of almost 5,000 years of culture mixed with futuristic atmosphere of progress makes it worthy of your time to see for yourself ancient examples along with modern state-of-the-art ways a country can bring itself into the 21st century and leap ahead of all the other countries. These new changes plus the remnants of their older civilizations makes for a very interesting country to visit and experience it first hand.

Note: These pages are a continuing “work in progress” with new videos being added frequently. Please check back again in the near future.

The lists below will take you to the individual cities. There, you will find some general information about the city in addition to UNESCO World Heritage sites in and around the area, other attractions, and other interesting links for you to learn more.

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Cities by Province

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