F**k for Good Health

Western readers often have trouble accepting traditional Chinese attitudes toward Taoist sexual practices. This is due to their own extreme moral biases on the subject, instilled by thousands of years of Judaeo-Christian sexual taboos. But the Chinese, even today, find Western attitudes toward sex equally baffling and highly hypocritical.

The fact remains, the Chinese view sex as a basic human function similar to eating, sleeping, and so forth. As a result, they cultivate it as an art and a pleasure, and an adjunct to health and longevity. Ultimately, the Taoist sexual practices enhances both the health and happiness of both partners. It accomplishes this regardless of the social and historical background.

Penile Implants for Great Sex

I’m sure that there are many people, especially seniors who are living day after day without the pleasures of sensual fucking experiences because of some sexual dysfunction…usually on the man’s part….which is physically frustrating. This needn’t be. Women also lose out by not having her partner able to satisfy her cravings and end up frustrated …

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