Big Pharma Invented These Diseases To Sell Drugs

Let’s say you’ve invented a new gadget and you want to manufacture and sell it. Only problem is, it does something that nobody needs.

There was a point in history, not all that long ago, when you’d wisely move on to your next invention. But with the age of advertising a new option was created. By placing manipulative ads in newspapers, on the radio, or on television, you can do more than just let people know that your product exists; you can convince them they need it.

Imagine now that your invention caused physical harm to those who bought and used it. What if it made them nauseous, dizzy, unable to drive or think straight, or caused spontaneous bone fractures? That would be immoral, right?

Yet it’s happening right this moment all over the world. Big Pharma regularly patents new drugs that wind up in the medicine cabinets of millions of people– people who do not need the drug they’ve been convinced to take, but who suffer dangerous side effects in exchange for an often illusory benefit. Osteoporosis drugs, such as Fosamax and Boniva, are good examples.

Today we’ll look at two drugs that were created for invented diseases, at the meaning of disease mongering, and more.


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