Alzheimer’s Association Member’s Dissent

Food for thought: Some typical examples of how Americans are deceived by Non-profits, the Food Industry, and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The following news article came out March 2016 where chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association foundation, one of the country’s most powerful disease advocacy groups, is rupturing amid an escalating dispute over its priorities: raising money for a future cure versus supporting patients and families struggling with the disease right now.

It seems that the organization’s main focus is on getting donor money and government grants while only paying out a meager proportion to fund research and patient related activities. Millions of $ are coming in from the (“group’s lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C., which helped secure a record $350 million increase in federal funding for Alzheimer’s research this year“) and only a few million going out for research of which funding is being reduced (“Meanwhile, grants to researchers declined to $13 million a year from $21 million, a drop of 38 percent.“) They appear to reinforce the misconception that there is no cure or treatment in order to keep the money flowing in.

Total 2013 compensation for Harry Johns, the association’s chief executive officer, reached $2.8 million — one of the highest salaries for a nonprofit executive in the nation.”

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If his organization can find no treatment or cure, what is he doing to justify his existence and salary other that of being successful in his foundation’s ability to get grant money from the government (which is in reality taxpayer dollars) and to take money from donors under false pretenses???

money down the toilet
Money down the toilet

Now you have to ask yourself,

  • “If this is happening in this foundation, could it possible the same might be true of other foundations??” 
  • And, are we being misled by those who we give our donations??
  • Who can we trust??

Editor’s Note: The above is not a blanket condemnation of “all” charitable foundations as not enough evidence has been examined to state the above as being an all-inclusive judgment or indictment of them all. But, hopefully, it will give you thought enough for you to examine more closely the ones you do support and to “follow-the-money.”


IMHO it is speculated that most pharmaceutical companies, foundations, and associations would be out of business if cures were found.  Instead trying to find cures, the pharmaceuticals load people up with the need to take “treatment” pills for the rest of their lives that only mask the problem and not cure it. So what is their motivation for finding cures if the people in charge of the companies find that they won’t be needed any more if cures are found? Again…follow the money. If you were Harry Johns, with his $2.8 million a year, mentioned up above, how happy would you be to find out that if a cure were found…..and that you weren’t needed any longer?

And that brings up research. If you are a cynic then would you think that when these companies funded the research that the researchers would be directed as to find the outcome that was expected of them, by the companies who hired them, to justify their “findings” and reports to the donors or customers so that they could continue with their activities? 

It would seem to me that there should be research companies that would provide immaculately clean and unbiased reports we could all rely on instead of our present system. How are we to know which official research report is telling the truth. Here is a sample of what is meant by “biased” research reports that are fraudulent and a detriment to our society by Big Food Giant Coca-Cola. And, how about Big Tobacco research reports. WHO CAN WE BELIEVE???

Note from the post’s author:  After writing this post, another related post from Dr. Jason Fung was found that described “biased research” in far greater detail and proof than my speculations. Kudos to Dr. Fung for exposing this fraud against the public.

And the big question remains, “if Eastern Medicine has proven results that Qigong and TCM is effective in either curing or treating the numerous ailments that afflict mankind, why is not Western medicine embracing the techniques on a major scale instead of little bits and pieces at a time?” It has been in existence for several thousand years with few doctors or pharmaceutical companies and has served the Chinese people well. Not to recognize this fact is unprofessional and IMHO complete arrogance exhibited by the West.

What is at stake is the misery of untold amounts of people in the West who are suffering with no hope for relief and the loss of life of loved ones waiting for a cure or treatment that is not forthcoming. And this is not to mention the inestimable cost to taxpayers and out of control government spending wasted on the outrageous cost of seemingly ineffective and costly medicines and procedures where the “treatment” sometimes is worse than the ailments in a system that fosters fraud and deception running into the billions of dollars.

Integrative medicine has been adopted by quite a number of Western medical institutions, yet you hear little about what they are accomplishing. If Eastern medicine doesn’t have proven results, why don’t these Western institutions abandon their efforts in this direction?? Yet they continue. Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it? 


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