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Chinese Preventative Medicine

As an important note: please be aware that this site is not a political site supported by anyone else or other country other than donations from kind viewers like yourselves and my meager Social InSecurity monthly checks. I am mainly interested in sharing things I have learned over the years and have contributed to my well being. This is my legacy I want to leave behind.

This site is a not an endorsement of any particular style of government. We want mainly to introduce you to what the people of China have developed over the centuries with highly effective ancient traditions of natural and inexpensive solutions for wellness and healing preventative lifestyles. And, as a bonus, show you more about their culture.
We have found that Western medicine with its predominant reliance on surgeries and pharmaceuticals doesn’t meet our needs. We have adopted an Eastern lifestyle that has proven immensely more beneficial to us in the long run to improve our quality of life and hopefully will give more life to our future years.

Chinese Healing Information Exchange (CHIE) has been created so that many of the cultural aspects that the west is adopting for healing, longevity, preventative lifestyle and improving their quality of life, can be learned in more detail. It is also a forum where you can begin your search and join others seeking the truth about Chinese healing solutions and the many facets involved in the healing process.

I am a senior U.S. citizens who is tired of all the untruths and nebulous claims of what amazing things using a promoters product will do for our bodies using Chinese preventative medicine pseudo claims couched in nebulous oriental sounding words.

I have decided to slow down to seek the truth and to get back to basics that have worked so successfully in the past. In doing so, as a prime example of one of the world’s most successful examples, I have looked to China. This is not necessarily an indictment of Western Medicine, as it has its place at the head of the line in certain areas and we acknowledge that.

As a matter of fact, I am changing this site to reflect the progress many Western producers of organics and related products have made and incorporate them on this site. I encourage the patronage of Western producers whenever possible.

However, the author herein take a dim view of the abuse of surgical and pharmaceutical solutions that seem so prevalent these days, many with dubious side-effects in addition to that of draining your pocketbook and/or making you a drug “junkie.” IMHO, I feel that Chinese preventative medicine will eliminate or minimize this.

A Preventative Lifestyle Over 4,000 Years Old.

China developed one of the most advanced medical systems the world has ever known. It has proven effective for over 4,000 years and successfully used by millions of Chinese, in a preventative lifestyle, during this time. 

Owing to recently translated medical text and other similar publications describing the methods, techniques and materials used has the Western world become aware of its existence during the latter part of the last century. Some of this information is just now being made available outside China. 

Due to the nature of the Chinese people and government, this medical knowledge and how to use it were closely guarded secrets handed down within medical families and groups like the Taoists, Buddhists, and other similar ones from fathers to sons and from Masters to disciples. They will help you to learn about a “Chinese preventative medicine” approach to maintaining your health and extending your life which might be more effective in treating or healing ailments, conditions, or diseases you might have.

However, I have found that some unscrupulous promoters have taken segments of this knowledge and repackaged it for a quick buck with nebulous names and claims sounding impressive but meaningless in reality. Regarding this….How do we separate the wheat from the chaff? That is why this site was created in order to alert others to the truth. The truths sought are not subjective or relative but instead objective ones. Nothing less.

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