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China developed one of the most advanced medical systems the world has ever known. It has proven effective for over 4,000 years and successfully used by millions of Chinese, in a preventative lifestyle, during this time. 

Owing to recently translated medical text and other similar publications describing the methods, techniques and materials used has the Western world become aware of its existence during the latter part of the last century. Some of this information is just now being made available outside China.

Due to the nature of the Chinese people and government, this medical knowledge and how to use it were closely guarded secrets handed down within medical families and groups like the Taoists, Buddhists, and other similar ones from fathers to sons and from Masters to disciples. They will help you to learn about a “preventative” approach to maintaining your health and extending your life which might be more effective in treating or healing ailments, conditions, or diseases you might have.

We are open not only for sharing with you, but to provide help in the form of having experienced and professional people, from all aspects of health and wellness, who will help moderate these boards.

This forum and blog is for people:

  • To show how adopting a Chinese approach for your lifestyle will enable you to live a better and longer life.
  • Seeking help for yourself or to offer help to others when other methods to solve your problem have not proved successful or are unsatisfactory.
  • Want to learn what Chinese solution has worked for others to overcome their ailments, diseases, and other physical problems.
  • Want to find reliable sources of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) practitioners and providers.
  • Want to have moderators who are professional practitioners in Chinese Healing modalities.
  • Want to find places where you can learn how to heal yourself and others as taught in China.
  • And, many other benefits of joining this forum.

As part of our philosophy of being neutral, we’ve decided to take no money from the medical or pharmaceutical industry (as if they would fund our efforts :–)). We do not sell any food, supplements, or other products and we have no advertising. Therefore, we are beholding to no one and are free to present the truth as we see it benefits our readers.