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8 Steps to Chinese Self-Healing: Part 1

8 Steps to Chinese Self-Healing: Part 1 of a Series


Introduction to the 8 Steps to Chinese Self-healing

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.
–Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971)

You do not need to have the serenity to accept your situation when you are suffering from some ailment, chronic disease or you feel your present physical condition is not what it
should be.

It takes very little courage to make the changes necessary to prevent, improve or reverse the conditions affecting your health and to better your quality of life. Instead, you need to have the conviction and determination to follow the guidelines outlined in this post to restore your body back to the way it was designed to be and nature intended it to operate.

It takes little wisdom to understand that if you are suffering, that it probably results from something you have done to adversely affect your body. And, you are the main
person who can restore it back into the way it should be.

Only you have the ability to make the changes necessary to prevent, treat, or reverse most ailments or chronic diseases causing your discomfort. The human body was created with
all the built-in capability of the immune system to handle most of these problems other than skeletal damage  problems. Healing your body is up to you and whether or not you are willing to make the necessary changes to accomplish it.

Even if you have no problems now, you have no idea of the long term effects of where your present life-style will take you. You need to re-examine and question the things you have been taught and accepted throughout your life. And, as you question these lessons you will find many of them were not given in your best interest. The old adage that “seek the truth and it will set you free” really applies to you and your health.

How do you search for the truth and which ones should you search out? Try starting out with the questioning “all” the foods you eat and to prove to your satisfaction whether or not they “are” good for you. Take one thing at a time and find the proof or whether or not that is it good for you. Do some research on:

  • WHO or what source is telling you it is good?
  • WHAT is their motivation in telling you it is good?
  • WHO is funding the research that is used to back up a claim that indicates a particular food is good for you?
  • How is the food processed and what chemicals are involved?
  • Are the chemicals approved by the FDA and/or are they carcinogenic?

These are just a few questions you should ask but there are more which you will discover.

Once you read a very informative book like The China Study, you will see to what lengths and subterfuges the food industry, government officials, and even trusted research personnel will go to hide the truth or to misinform and mislead you. You will sadly discover that sources of information from which you have long relied have succumbed to and been replaced by profits instead of your well-being.

The steps outlined in these forthcoming posts will get you started on a preventative life-style similar to that has been used in China for several thousand years. It will hopefully help to restore you back to health and to give you a better quality of life as you age.

Hopefully, you’ve decided to made the first move on the road to helping yourself by reading up on nutrition to keep you healthy and looking into taking some Tai Chi or Qigong lessons to condition your body. Continue this journey by learning the ancient ways of Chinese Self-healing.

Even if you don’t personally adopt it….be aware that it exists and please pass it along to friends, loved ones, or people you know who are suffering or not satisfied with their quality of life and it just might benefit them as it has us.

To be continued in Part 2.


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