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If you are like us and want to know who or what to believe from all the testimonials, advertising, diet fads, magic pills, op-ed promotions, and all other such snake-oil gimmicks that want to take your money and leave you wanting…….Well….So do we!!! How do we know if their claims are true?


And, that is why we created this site with the hope you will jump in and help us in this endeavor. We can’t do it without you, but together, with the truths we uncover, we may not be able change the world, but we can at least help those close to us whom we love, our friends, and neighbors who also need to know the truth. 

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  • Bookstore: Links to Free Books.
  • New Blog Post: Is a Detox Really Necessary? 
  • Research Resource Database: Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database: Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain optimal health by providing you with reliable information on herbal remedies, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and other natural products.
  • New Blog Post: Honey: A Super Food? Vegans say don’t eat honey because of a social issue with the beekeepers, but look at the benefits honey has to offer. Do the benefits outweigh the issue?
  • New Blog Post: American Cancer Society: Are they really looking for a cure or just your donation? Do they have any conflicts of interest? Follow the research into these questions.
  • YouTube Video Links to world famous, expert nutritional medical personnel featured in “The China Study speaking about their research findings and why you should transition over to a whole food plant based diet to treat, reverse or prevent chronic diseases, and prolong life.
This forum is open to anyone wanting or knowing the truth about subjects contained herein. Please join with us in our efforts so we can make a difference and change the world for the better….a little bit at a time.
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