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Welcome to the Chinese Healing Information Exchange!

The West is and has been adopting many of the cultural aspects for healing, longevity, preventative lifestyle, and improving their quality of life. This site is to enable you to learn the history and facts from “authentic” Chinese instructors, authors and sources in more detail without all the sales hype.

Master Sui Huang’s Tai Chi and Qigong Classes

Lessons by master instructors in the various Eastern Healing and Wellness styles of exercises such as  Tai Zhang Dao, Shaolin, Yoga and more.

Cultural Library, healing and wellness books, and related products where you can dig deeper into the past history and life of a civilization that is over 5 thousand years old.

See how a Chinese natural Cancer Treatment, used by millions of Asian people, might help you or a loved one.

Meditation Videos to help you quietly pass the time and clear your mind of random thoughts through visualization.

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Recent Additions to This Site

Important blog post that you need to read now about a pending war with China and forward to everyone you care about or know.

By knowing the history, you will be more informed about the development behind any of the preventative lifestyle methods. Knowledge and reasoning will tell you why it is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life.
Where the East and West have integrated, we have added some specialty items, organic, and Chinese Healing based products for your convenience. Most of these are little-known companies but have a good reputation for quality products.

For your convenience, this site is free of pop-ups except for the newsletter. 

“Helping you to harness the natural power within your body for health, self-healing and longevity with a simple preventative lifestyle.”